Being a Part of the Trooper Band

Did you know that 66% of College Music Majors who applied for Medical School in 1996 were accepted while only 44% of Biochemistry Majors were?


Color Guard

The Heist - 2021 Trooper Band Show

David Aguilera - Senior Drum Major, Alto Saxophone, Robotics

Matthew Migliorino - Percussion, Track

“ We cannot know what success truly feels like unless we put in the work and enjoy the struggle. To enjoy the process of whatever we do will make that end result even better. Always strive to go one more ! “

Esteban Ortiz - Drum Major, Trombone, Baseball

"Whether it'd be under the Friday night lights, or in front of judges in April, being in band is the best thing that you can choose to do in high school. The band has given me mentorship with our amazing directors and many new friendships you create as well as fond memories you'll never forget. While encouraging me to better myself daily and keeping me involved in school, being a part of the band was my favorite thing about high school."


Daniella La Bier - Color Guard Captain

"Being in guard is amazing it has made me many different types of friends and has taught me multiple flag techniques. Although this year is not the same, I am glad to have been captain to this wonderful team. Thank you for the past three years it has truly been an honor."


With over 200 Winds, Percussion and Flags, the Trooper Band has established itself as one of the largest and most successful organizations at Eastwood High School.  Not only do students learn to perform on a musical instrument, they learn the essentials of teamwork, self-motivations, self-discipline, individual responsibility, and social skills that prove to be effective in any career, sport, or other activity. 

Many students in band participate in other activities as well. Activities include: Trooperettes, Cheerleading, ROTC, Football, Baseball, Track, Softball and Student Council just to name a few.



YES – research shows that participation in band will affect your grades for the better.  On average, students who participate in school music organizations score 89 points higher on standardized tests like the SAT than students without musical coursework.

In addition, many real world business concepts are explored and taught in band. Leadership, team building, inter personal relationships, and management skills are a regular part of the band environment.


…will band fit into an aggressive academic schedule?

YES!! Over the past years numerous members of The Band have graduated in the Top 10 of their classes. 

…can I play sports or be in other activities and be in band?

YESS!!  As stated earlier many of our students participate and are successful in many other activities.

...will I struggle to keep my grades up?

That depends on YOU.  What we’ve found is that students who usually have high grades continue to get high grades and those with lower marks usually show improvement.  WHY? Aside from an influx of a strong work ethic, you now have access to a 200+ member study group.

This Week

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1st Annual Eastwood Trooper Band March-A-Thon
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70% of the nation's major Universities report that participation in a musical organization is a higher consideration than standardized test scores for admission decisions.